Home Again, Home Again

I’ve been off the radar on the blog recently, so here’s the Eric roundup. The great adventure to the north has wound down and I’ve returned home. I attended a wedding, which I expected, and gave a toast, which I did not expect. Pro tip – When faced with giving an unexpected toast, I strongly recommend going for the cheap laugh. I met way more people than I can possibly remember, let alone name, but I do recall that everyone was very nice.

Post-nuptial activities, I made my way up to the inestimable Fatman Comics and Games to do a signing. Despite taking place on Labor Day (totally my fault for not checking the calendar before scheduling the event), people still came out to meet me, buy books, get books signed and chat. Considering my no-name status, I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout and the interest in my novels.

I caught up with some friends, a few that I hadn’t seen in more than ten years, and was surprised by how time changes people without altering the essential things that seem to define them. Then again, I imagine I probably wasn’t much like they remembered me from back in the day, so I get it all evens out in the end. 😉 Cognitive dissonance for all!

I also ate a whole lot of food, not a bit of it prepared by my own hands. This was something of luxury and a pleasure. As someone who takes likes the process of preparing food, I find it harder to actually enjoy the food I make. I spend eating time wondering what I could have done differently or what ingredient I forgot to put into the food. Eating food other people made freed me up to just eat for pleasure and I did…with considerable gusto.

Like all things, though, my trip has come to an end and it’s time to get back to work on that novel I keep promising people. 😀